Problems with komplete 14 and external ssd drive

razlplanet Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hello everyone.

I purchased the Komplete 14 bundle a few days ago. I did the installation of all the apps and libraries on the same ssd drive of my new Mac mini. I have worked professionally with this system for many years, and have had no problems in general with moving the libraries to an external disk afterwards. 

I bought an external ssd disk and started to move the libraries to this disk. And the problems started. 

I have followed all the NI instructions to change the library path to the new disk from Native Access and from Kontakt, but when I open my Logic templates, Kontakt keeps asking me for the libraries over and over again. I have done everything, manually, instrument by instrument, from Native Access and nothing. Randomly some libraries appear and others do not. So every time I open a template I have to waste time redoing the paths. And that for my work is not a solution. 

Before uninstalling everything and reinstalling it again I wanted to see if someone from the forum could give me some ideas. I would greatly appreciate it.


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