E-Voucher "The coupon code isn't valid."

djsdz73 Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

Hi all, I got an e-voucher that I tried to redeem on an expansion that is 50% off right now and got the message that "The coupon code isn't valid."

I looked for some answers on the NI website and it says "Please note that e-vouchers are not valid for products that are part of a special offer." This is probably why it doesn't work but I would like to confirm that this is the case and that I didn't receive an invalid code.


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  • Russellmus
    Russellmus Member Posts: 47 Helper
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    Yeah, almost certainly because it’s already on sale. I got the same message when I tried once.

  • Monochrome
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    Yes, E-Vouchers generally won't work on sales and discounted products.


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