transferring 25?

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I don't have much use for the freebie "25" and would like to transfer it as a gift to another user. It says it's not transferable. Why? Why should a good instrument go to waste? Why not let others enjoy it?



  • JesterMgee
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    Because most would like to sell it and of course a freebie cannot be sold for profit. NI can’t be certain you wouldn’t accept money for it and someone at NI has to spend time to do the transfer.

  • Trei
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    Omg. Pls I would love this. Been trying to find it everywhere. I can't believe after buying every Komplete product from 9 collectors until now that because I took a music break when this was released I can never access it. Should be auto applied for those that have payed thousands.

    Anyway. If anyone has a serial or could help out with a transfer I would be in your debt :)

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