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Hi everyone,

I'd like to manage my music collection (more than 45.000 tracks with Mediamonkey) with Traktor Pro 3, but it seems that my demo version doesn't import a very important field for me, i.e. "singer", and I don't find the possibility to customize this field via right click on the columns headers.

I'd would appreciate any suggestion from you.

Thanks in advance.

Ian Werich


  • dj_karlp
    dj_karlp Member Posts: 4 Member

    'Singer' does seem like a standard ID3 field. Even so, Traktor and others (Rekordbox, Serato) don't have all ID3 fields. You may need to copy your 'Singer' data to another field (there's utilities to do that).

  • sfsdfd
    sfsdfd Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

    It would be great if Traktor allowed the user to define custom columns and the corresponding fields in the ID3v1/v2 tags to populate them. Seems like a very easy feature to add.

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