grainy and clicky audio from Komplete Audio 1 Win 11


Hello, I have been comfortably using my Komplete Audio 1 audio interface for almost a year now with no issues. 2 days ago I noticed my microphone sounded incredibly grainy and clicky out of no where. This lead me on a long hunt for reason why. (which I never found the answer)

The Audio Driver completely uninstalled itself out of no where and reinstalling it gives me no audio at all (checked device manager)

Plugging my headphones directly into the interface gives me perfect sound so its not the mic itself

I tried installing older drivers and this worked but the audio became only a little clicky

When changing the sample rate around in the advanced tab in the sound gui on windows I get my audio back for a quarter of a second but then it goes away again.

If I completely uninstall the drivers like I never had them it goes back to being really grainy and clicky.

read and tried everything in the entire first page of google's worth of troubleshooting advice for both komplete products and just normal windows forums and nothing worked

Tried installing all graphics, sound, and everything drivers and still no luck.

Ive tried plugging the interface into different usb ports to see if maybe that was the issue.

It seems like its a komplete driver that is interfering with something out of the blue.

PLEASE can someone help this is incredibly frustrating

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