Can 2 different sources be recorded into an array in core?

I've got a custom sampler that I've been working on for a while, it uses the table framework sample map to import samples and it has an internal recording setup for capturing live audio.

Right now it uses two different sample playback read mechanisms to read and playback from the sample data from the table framework and a separate one to read sample data from the live audio input recording.

I'd like to strip it down and save some cpu by not having 2 separate playback systems.

is there a way to import the sample into an array in core and then switch the arrays input be be used for live audio?

Is there a way to configure a selectable source for arrays or a selectable array read mechanism?



  • bolabo
    bolabo Member Posts: 97 Advisor
    edited February 2022

    There's no way to switch between different arrays or switch between an array and a table framework reference in core unfortunately, although it would definitely be good if it was possible!

    You can quickly read sample data from the table framework into a single array and use that as a buffer both for recording live input and sample file playback. This way you don't need to duplicate your playback macro. Just use a primary iterator to read the sample data into the array.

  • Michael O'Hagan
    Michael O'Hagan Member Posts: 92 Helper

    I honestly figured this out about 2 hours after posting this question, you can just use 2 different write modules and latch them to be on or off, does the same job.


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