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    Native Instruments setting up for the future

    While the news may sound troubling to some, the Berlin-based manufacturer seems to be in a good place at the moment. Following EMH Partners’ major investments in 2017 and 2020, Native Instruments experienced significant growth in its revenues, partnerships, and monthly active users. The recent past saw co-founder and former CEO Daniel Haver step down to make room for new blood and the long-awaited release of the standalone Maschine+. It must have been the right time to put the company in the hands of a global investment firm that’s able to back its future with business know-how and major capital.

    The changes in leadership have already produced some ambitious goals. The company wants to consolidate its products and industry influence into a singular platform for seamless music making experience. NI already indicated that it’s going in this direction with the launch of Native Access and the Sounds.com audio library. The probable next step is tying together Maschine, Komplete, and Traktor into a cohesive ecosystem of services, software and hardware. There’s lots of potential in this endeavour, so it will be interesting to watch the company pull it off over time. If Francisco Partners has its head and heart in the right place and NI employees get to have their say, the manufacturer could become a dominant force in music technology and the broader music industry. Here’s to what will hopefully turn out to be a strong start to a new era for Native Instruments.

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    Typical hedge fund response. We know you guys will keep making sound packs, like Apple makes iPhones, with no significant changes. We want you to strip the company of all its resources and leave. This will allow real artists and musicians, and engineers to rebuild it. Just go already.

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