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Michael Paluzzi
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I've been a loyal Maschine user for 8+ years and I think I have some quality of life improvement suggestions for the Software and Hardware. I'm not a software engineer so I don't know how feasible these suggestions are, but they seem reasonable to me. I would love to get this in front of the community to see if any of these improvements are doable.

Pull up Mixer view in software from hardware. This was possible on the MK2 by pressing Shift+Browse (I believe - it's been years since I had an MK2). Why can't this be done on the MK3 with Shift+Mixer?

Custom Chord Sets. Cant we just add a custom bank or two at the end of the chord sets where we can copy and save chords from other sets?

Per-chord inversion/spread settings

More/custom note repeat patterns. These have never been updated either. Would be cool to punch in a pattern in the step sequencer as a note repeat pattern.

Note probability in Variation tab on HW

Visual Limiter/Compressor threshold/GR feedback on hardware

View Master meter on HW

A visual EQ

Tremolo effect

Perform FX for Master

Utility effect for panning/stereo spread

Universal LFO

Internal Midi routing. Would love to use Scaler 2 within Maschine to control Massive without having to have a host DAW.

More mobility freedom for Clips/Patterns

Updated/integrated audio/sampler engine.

FM drum engine - this one is more than a quality of life improvement, but would be really cool.


  • 6xes
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    interesting Shift+Browse = mixer

    i wondered what the hardware shortcut was, i had just hooked up the MK2 that came in the mail.. to test everything was working... and was stumped on how to bring up the mixer... now i know!

  • Flexi
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    I would say the only likely one of these ideas would be the FM drum synth, but even that is unlikely, the rest are all core updates and that rarely happens, and the drum synths already have some FM ability (Percussion) so that is unlikely too.

    I am probably forgetting something huge, but here is an idea of the big core updates in the 9 year v2 lifecycle....

    A new view to sell JAM, doesn't really work as a clip launcher, it is a switcher, and can't be recorded to the arranger anyway (Which was promised)

    Clips which could have been really powerful but has never been expanded on.

    Autosampling, because the CPU is weak in the M+

    VST3, Apple Silicon, they literally had no choice in this, it had to be done.

    Everything else has been an add on plugin or such, no simple core features like PDC or even something as basic for a drum sampler as Round Robin, they even dumbed down the forum to remove sections and just use tags, I'm not saying this to say its all bad, I use Maschine for hours every single day, but it is not known for core updates beyond v1 to v2, which was done to make updating much faster (their words) hahaha.

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