The best USB soundcard Multitrack Mixer/Recorder compatible with Maschine+ ?

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Hello all,

I'm asking me as Maschine+ owner, what will be the best option for an AudioSouncard USB Mixer multitrack which will be able to handle as input all Maschine+ sources mapped to that audio soundcard mixer and vice/versa: to handle my external instruments as input towards Maschine+ tracks (for sampling matters).

SD Card will be a very great plus to have.

I've seen some posts about TASCAM Model 12. Maybe could be a good option ?

I've seen also something similar with Zoom Livetrak L-12 but not sure all tracks can been seen by Maschine+ independently.

Any suggestions too ?

Many thanks!



  • MaikR
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    As far as I know, you need a soundcard / usb audio interface that accepts the Machine+ to be the master.

    I'm using the iConnectivity Audio4c. Did you have a look at this topic?

    EDIT: sorry, you're looking for a multitracker.

  • Andy Wt
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    Behringer x32 reportedly works with M+ but would its multitracking capabilities with X-Live card installed suit your needs is another question.

    And as i understand M+ input capabilities are quite limited too.

  • KaOsphere
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    Model12 works great, see here :

  • Nico_NI
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    Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK is also a good multitrack mixer you can look into:

    Don't know much about its M+ compatibility though.

  • stevemakler
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    Hi Nico thanks for your answer and yes it's the main question i'm asking me about the compatibility with maschine+ soundcard multitrack mixer.

    I will look also on this one :) thanks !

  • stevemakler
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    Thanks KaOsphere for your confirmation :)

    Do you have it on your own setup? It seems Tascam Model 12 seem fit all the best points: SD card recording, multitrak USB mixer seems compatible with Maschine+ IN/OUT, FX assignement, ...

    I'm also comparing with ZOOM Livetrak L-L12:

    If someone have already tested it too ?

  • KaOsphere
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    Yes, I'm the author of the video actually ! :)

    M12 has always worked flawlessly but it is mandatory to precise that I've never had any stability problem with my M+ to begin with.

    Basically, any class compliant unit should work with enough power supplied. I recently discovered that the ssl2+ works with M+ despite my early tests in the video. You only need to connect it to a powered usb hub.

    Do not forget to set you sample rate to 44.1 on connected device ( max sample rate in standalone ) or maschine won't see it.

    Now, I'm letting my m12 go on sale since I no longer have enough hardware to justify its use, RME, here I am ! :)

  • stevemakler
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    Thanks KaoSphere for your comment and the video bringed :) Good to know that sounds there is a good compatiblity between Model12 and Maschine+ !

    One more point: could you confirm so that all Maschine+ tracks are assignable to any tracks of Model12 (for example assing 1,2 or 3 maschine+ Group in OUT towards MODEL12 specific tracks ?

    And vice/versa, assign MODEL12 specific track (for example Moog SUB37) as output toward Maschine+ in order to do some sampling into Maschine+ ?

    Did you try that on your side with M12 ?

    And last point: what about the master output from Maschine+? Is it routed directly automatically on the master or there is need to route it on specific track of M12 ?

    Thanks again !

  • KaOsphere
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    In input /output, you choose which physical I/O you wish to use for said item, be it a group, or a track.

    If you want to sample ext in maschine, just select which channel your external gear is connected to and sample...Or use M+ as an effet processor. Routing is pretty straightforward.

    Maschine master ( see 1:44 in the video ) need to output on model 12 tracks. Keep a free dual mono/stereo track for that.

  • stevemakler
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    Thanks KaOsphere for all your answer, all is pretty clear now :)

    So yes MODEL12 seems a good one candidate for maschine+ workflow. Good to know about the Maschine+ master to reserver one dedicated mono/stereo track for this master, thanks for the tip !

  • stevemakler
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    I add also Presonus AR16c in the balance i've also found:

    If anyone has also tried it with Maschine+ ?

    Seems almost same price than Model12 and also with SD card recorder.

  • Rhythm Droid
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    FWIW -

    I am going to mention this in the main "compatible audio interfaces" topic, but for the purposes of the OPs question:

    I HAVE gotten the Behringer X32 rack (with the XLive SD-card multitrack recording expansion card installed) to connect up to Maschine+ and record multitrack.

    As of this morning, though, after 5-10 mins of use, Maschine+ drops all audio (and even sometimes MIDI reception) and must have the "audio interface selection" parameter reset by selecting "internal" then going back to "Behringer XLive". It only takes second, but it is absolutely, what they call a "show stopper".

    A pretty effing annoying one for a $1200 device. There is a chance that I'll be able to avoid this behavior by updating the OS and switching my X32 internal sample rate from 48kHz down to 44.1kHz...MAYBE that's the problem. I pray that it is.

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