Maschine+ update 1.4.4 saving Bug

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I Installed the update 1.4.4 on my maschine+ and I found out that when I try to save a project it never save and each time I restart my maschine+ it asks me if I want restore that project... There is a way to roll back to last update or I did a mess?



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    ITS Not the only Problem because it Takes also Long Time to Schut down.

    It Takes to Long to Schut down because the Masche ist Not abble to save.

    I allready wrote to the Support that this Update ist no ok.

    I think i am goi g to send Mine Back ... Maschine plus ist Not realy working!!!!!

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    This issue has been reported to the Maschine team and we're currently investigating.

    There's already a thread about it:

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