Why do played notes get lost when using metronome?

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I am not sure, if this is related to the latest update (1.4). But as soon as the metronome is activated, some instruments become super "stuttery" when played in straight 8ths or (worse) 16ths. When recording, this causes continuously played 1/16th to become a series of random rhythmic patterns. These stutters are audible and visible in the pattern monitor.

Is this a hardware bug? My machine froze several times within last week since buying it. Has anyone noticed a similar issue? Is there maybe a solution, like a checkbox "Use a none-note-eating Metronome"?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Please give more details. Where does this happen, Maschine on desktop, Maschine Plus ? If it's in the Maschine software what are your audio settings, soundcard & driver used ?

  • benMaj7
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    This happens on Maschine+ without any external software. Steps to reproduce:

    1. Start Maschine+ (latest update 1.4.4. Maschine Version 2.16 R112)
    2. Browser -> Piano/Keys -> Boese Doerfler (although this happens with most of these instruments)
    3. LOAD
    5. Play rapid sequence of notes (listen to seq1.mp3 - recording is noisy, sorry)
    6. Activate metronome (default 120bpm)
    7. Play rapid sequence (listen to seq2.mp3)

    Sound becomes stuttering. Some notes are swallowed. Playing chromatic scales, swallowed notes sometimes appear to be played at the same time with the following one. When recording, it looks like in img1.jpg. This happens using keys on Maschine+ or external MIDI keyboard. NOTE REPEAT does not cause this problem. Even when setting it to 1/128. Sequences of fast notes cannot be played manually.

    Is there a solution? Is this an "official" bug or is my device faulty? I am considering returning it. This behaviour is rendering the device useless.

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    What’s the firmware version of your M+?

  • benMaj7
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    It is 0.1.6

  • benMaj7
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    M+ checks at startup, if libraries and and software are up-to-date but not the firmware? If not able to update itself, at least an info message would be nice.

    Anyway, the issue still persists. I will return it. Cannot use a device that eats up 1/16 notes in a random manner. I guess, I am not the target group. Sad, because I really started to like this way of making music.

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    I can't recreate what I'm hearing in that mp3.

  • benMaj7
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    Thanks to all. I have returned it.

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