Converting Serato DJ Library To Traktor


I want to converting my libraries from Serato to Traktor, someone can help me for this?

I work 5 years with Serato and now i give up and last for Traktor Pro 3.I work with windows 10 and not se one program to try this.


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    These are the two I know about, but they are subscription base 1. Mixo DJ, 2. Lexicon DJ. They would have been really great universal DJ file management software, if you could have bought them outright. Lexicon is really robust, but they're subscription and cost more than most DJ software subscription themself.




    Basic: $17 Per month

    All library management features

    Full library conversion

    Community support

    Pro: $17 First month then $39 Per month

    All library management features

    Full library conversion

    Priority support

    Cloud Database Backup

    Unlimited Cloud Storage

    Mobile App (coming soon)

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    [Oops! I just re-read your post and saw that you are running Windows, so my post will not help you.]

    I know of one for macOS: DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU) at

    It’s not a direct process though—use DJCU to generate a Rekordbox.xml file from your Serato library (no Rekordbox software required), and then DJCU will use this XML file to create a Traktor 3 library.

    More information can be found on the web site.

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    You can use Rekordbuddy and it is free 😉

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