Crossfader Problems on Traktor S3

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I have ordered a Traktor S3 from amazon about 2-3 months ago, The contoller has arrived quickly and in a perfect condition but recently my crossfader started to defunction. The contoller started to send sound from the deck even if the crossfader was on the off position and now the crossfader isn't even working.

My crossfader is set to sharp because I practice scratching, but the problem presists when the curve is set to smooth too.

I have tried to contact the NI support but the all of the firmware updates they have sent me just do not work, and it seems like you cant recalibrate your crossfader if you have a S3. I have also asked if there is any chance that I could send them the controller back for repair/replacement. In respond they have asked for my address and purchase recipt etc. and then just sent me back to contact amazon.

Can anyone offer a solution or expirencing the same problem?



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @McPita I see that you've received help from our support team already. Usually it's a dealer/distributor who owns the Amazon shop that takes care of repair etc. If that's not possible, you can send it to us. However since the product wasn't bought on our website, we can't cover the shipping and custom costs. Hope your S3 gets fixed soon!

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    @McPita @NI_Support, @Kaiwan_NI I share your frustration with the S3. When I set the crossfader to sharp I encounter a similar problem. If both A & B decks playing and with the crossfader center you hear both decks as you should but, moving the crossfader to the extreme right or left you still hear both decks. I have worked with support and shipped the problematic controller back and received another (can't detect if was new or refurbished) but, at any rate, the newer received tend work but that didn't last long at all. Here I am in 2023 faced with the same issue. Another thing is the fader does even cut sound like other crossfaders when you doing stabs, chirps, or crab scratches. Too bad this is not the S4 or you can actually change out the crossfader and install a better one like the mini innofader plus at Funny thing that at least one Traktor product already comes with an innofader (Traktor Kontrol Z2) according to the website So, I'm about to contact support again, why in the heck can't NI or whoever owns the company now put a descent crossfader in the S3 instead send you the same thing back which eventually will have the same freaking issue. Luckily my product is still under warranty, I wish I could RMA and get my money back and put that towards maybe the S4 since I have been a serial user of Traktor Pro software.

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