Upgrade path to K14

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Does anyone have any experience upgrading from Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors to Komplete 14 Ultimate? Store support are telling me it isn't possible to "downgrade" but it seems bizarre to me that because I invested once in K13UC I'm now locked into buying the collectors' version every release, even if I only need the new features of the normal ultimate edition.



  • cnnryng
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    Really? No one else having this issue?

  • Russellmus
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    I did similar, was able to upgrade from 13 Ultimate to 14 standard.

    No issues with doing that, except I found the cost to upgrade from 14 standard to 14 ultimate (which I was intending to do later) would have been the same as going straight from 13 to 14, so I got it refunded and just went with 14 ultimate instead.

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