Layering and timing the orchestration in Kontakt.

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Please, oh, please, is there a way to time 16 voices so that they appear in the composition as I go playing them all along the keyboard simultaneously, but only when planned ?

I can set both, a keyboard range and a velocity envelope for them to trigger (Roland Fantom 8 as MIDI controller), but how could I ask a particular voice to sound after a given time (DELAY, from 0 to 1023 in the Fantom), after releasing the keys (KEYOFF-NORMAL, KEYOFF-DECAY), or just when key is held and a given time has elapsed (HOLD, via time or note lenght) and even a mixture of them (a time after KEYOFF).

I am accustomed to the Zen-Core tones from Roland, capable of huge orchestrations thanks to all those specifications, and very much would like to find a solution for other third party patches, like those in the Komplete series.

Thank you.


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    with kontakt, this would require scripting. As far as i know there is no kontakt instrument that can do all that right out of the box. I think kontakt is more made with studio use in mind, and those functions from the fantom you described are more live performance orientated.

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    Finally !!!!

    Freedom has come !!!!

    Long life REAPER.

    REAPER DAW does offer such astounding capability.

    After asking I am told, barely minutes after asking, that...

    ”MIDI Note filter is a JSFX (a script that runs as a track effect) and will do this.

    You should find it in the FX Browser. Insert it onto a track and it will discard notes outside the selected range. Or, you could add it as an input FX, to discard the notes from your keyboard before they reach the track (so they would not be recorded)."

    So no more digging into each virtual instrument trying to set a keyboard range for it to sing !!!!





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