Komplete Audio Mk1 - poor performance on win 11

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Have been using a Komplete Audio 6 Mk1 quite happily for some time under windows 10.

I've just done a fresh win 11 install on another SDD and I'm surprised to find the latency is about double what it was under windows 10.

The test in the ASIO control panel gives around 350 us and remains steady in win 10, whereas it gives about 600 - 700 with occasional spikes of 1000 in win 11.

I've done all the usual recommended settings in the win 11 install, so a a bit mystified as what is causing the problem.

I know it could theoretically be many causes, but just wondered if anyone's had any similar problems with Komplete Audio mk1 under win 11 ?



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    Drivers for KA MK1 have not been updated for Windows 11. This could be what affects the latency.

    As far as I know they won't be updated for newer OS.

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    So NI thinks the cost of updating older hardware for a new OS is too high, is that it? Do they think people who spent good money on a Komplete Audio 6 will brick it and happily buy another NI interface? Or ANYTHING from NY ever again? Interesting.

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    A rather unorthodox solution is to use Linux and WineASIO. I am using it with Ableton Live and it is working at a very satisfactory level. The only pitfall is the installation of WineASIO I recommend the kx studio site for pointers. If you have USB HID devices, which are not MIDI compatible (MIDI works out of the box) wine will probably not work and your only good option is to install Windows 10 in a VM and just connect the device to it and use the original driver :) KA 6 is a proper USB audio device and as such doesn't need a special driver in Linux. I am not using mac os from a long time ago but my wild guess is it will work there too.

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