Traktor 3.6.1 connection to S4 MK2

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Hello, it's an update, I just don't know if it's a laptop or a Traktor, I suddenly have problems with the USB.

When I start Traktor I get the message Please connect and select an audio device???

The S4 lights up and some functions work. After what feels like 10 times USB in and out it goes again at some point.

Restarting the laptop and changing the cable unfortunately didn't help.

Can someone help me there? Thank you very much



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @d.j.sylvio in case you're using Windows, can you please make sure you have the latest driver?


    Make sure to remove a driver before re-installing just in case!

  • Stevan
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    The MK2 have the USB port issue, that is the first thing that fails usually. Youi can open the Controller Editor and see if the connection is any better than with Traktor.

    If that's the case and if you can, take your unit to your local electitian to have the USB port checked.

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