Sound is cutting and CPU overloading in FL Studio

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After the 2.8 Update I noticed that when playing midi using KK 2.8 there are popping artifacts and issues playing back the VST instruments. This affects all instruments within KK in the DAW. This issue is exactly the same one reported in a previous thread, see below for the video. This issue also appears to affect Maschine 2.

This issue does NOT happen when using KK in standalone mode outside of the DAW. Is there any way I can get access to a previous version of KK? I use my studio for professional work and this is causing major issues for me and my clients.


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    As a professional why not roll back to one of your backups you keep? Don’t say you don’t have regular backups when you have clients?

  • Its_Leonidas
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    I don't have backups of the software, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Does anyone have a copy of Komplete Kontrol 2.7.2 (R2) for Mac?

    I was able to find a previous version of Machine_2_215 that worked with restoring functionality on my Maschine Mirko.

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    I’m talking a backup of your whole system?

    if you are not doing an OS backup every few weeks that’s asking for trouble, also, you should keep backups of all software since you will lose income and clients if you have an issue and cannot resolve it.

    I don’t have a backup of the kk software for Mac, only windows.

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    If you need the installer of a previous version, get in touch with our support over here:

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