Soundcloud won't connect

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Just get a page saying redirecting, I've done a full uninstall and reinstall off the software. It seems this issue is a constant battle over the years and a reoccuring issue for people. What does one need to do?


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  • Yatzi
    Yatzi Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    bump, any help still saying 'redirecting'

  • Yatzi
    Yatzi Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
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    bump :( come on I literally can't enjoy using the software without soundcloud intergration. I either get banned or bump until I die. I don't want to have to pay for virtual dj when I've already spent money on a Trak controller. I can say with confidence I'm no way going to invest anymore money into this company if this issue isn't solved but what does that matter anyway, looking online this problems been around for years. No one cares!!

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Yatzi I see you've been in touch with our support team already. For those running into the same issue, please close TRAKTOR DJ 2, downgrade to Native Access 1 and reinstall TRAKTOR DJ 2 again:

    How to Downgrade Native Access 2 to Native Access 1

  • bes030
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    Hi, does this only work with Traktor 2? I have Traktor Pro 3 and would like to connect to Soundcloud. Should not the functions of Traktor 2 be included in Traktor Pro 3?

  • adamcloud
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    I'm having this problem and can't use soundcloud

  • Pierre Gable
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    Same here, just received my S3 to replace a Z1 : Soundcloud does not work anymore. i m so sad, please fix it this feature was awesome and the reason why i chose NI hardware

    EDIT : It works when installed with Native 1

  • Matt Watson
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    Hi , am having an issue with my soundcloud go at the moment , many of my playlists are showing empty when they are not and are loading very slowly if they do. Am using DJ2 with Ipad pro , 15.5 . Have contacted Soundcloud and opened ticket with Native Instruments , hopefully will resolve soon...

  • LostInFoundation
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    Uuuuh…the fact you are on an iPad Pro tells me NI won’t be too interested. They seem to have some type of allergy with iPads…

  • Matt Watson
    Matt Watson Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    *****. I really need to get a laptop when I have the funds, the only 2 options when they ask what operating system I have are windows or mac os. Has worked flawlessly up to this point. I had to reset my router and noticed this has happened since , need to contact Tlktalk, maybe it has something to do with that. Thx for the reply

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