Importing Collection - Artists Missing - Traktor Puts Track No. In Front Of Every Track

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I am running Traktor Pro 3.6.2 on a 2020 MacBook Air with macOS Ventura 13.0.

I had different issues with my track collection so I removed every track from the collection including Traktor tags.

Now, when I import my music folder again which consists of about 2700 tracks it puts the track number (track number from the specific album) in front of every track name and it DOESN’T import the artist (only in very few cases). How can I fix this so there’s no number in front of the track name and the artists are being imported? Is that something I can change in the file management settings? Screenshot attached.


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    You removed every track from the collection including Traktor tags!!!

    So how exactly you expect to see artists or anything else? All those info were inside the tags that YOU, removed! Not Traktor. 😛

    Now you have to analyze all your tracks (select=> right-click=> analyze), in order to get those info back.

    However, if your files are not tagged already (artist, title etc), then Traktor will find absolutely nothing, and you will have to add all the info manually, track by track!

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    Well, what I don’t understand is that before Traktor analyzed the tracks for the first time the info was there in the meta data on a macOS basis. When I check the file info of some of the tracks in Finder the artist (composer) is included yet Traktor doesn’t read that info when analyzing. A little less sarcasm would be appreciated, too… LOL.

    However, I managed to get 90% of the artist infos back by importing the .nml from the day before. Only some of the newly imported tracks are missing that info now.

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    It is not sarcasm dear @Rok73, just the facts... didn't meant to disrespect. Cheers!

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    Hi! Having same problems with my iTunes music imported in the Traktor's Track Collection, no artist names.

    As you can see from the 1st picture all tags are correctly displayed under Music/Library but then, when I import them in Track Collection (2nd picture) the artist name disappear....

    It is all music I've bought in iTunes in the last 2-3 months...

    I'm new to Traktor and studying it...

    Thank youuuuuu

    Thank you!!!

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