Reaktor core osc sync , bundle out



  • ANDREW221231
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    edited November 2022

    i have exactly one interesting thing to say on this subject which is the observation that the audio to sync module can be reconfigured to do basically the same antialiasing math that the bundled setup is accomplishing provided the input is a saw wave

    unfortunately i've lost my chops for thinking about this stuff but basically something in here isn't getting used at all, think its to do with the divide, but i do know i was able to get a resulting blep or blamp that almost perfectly nulled against the properly configured sync setup, there was only occasional single sample noise difference (almost certainly down to me)

    might have to put the noggin to it because unlike many times i thought something was x but was actually nuthin, of this one i'm quite certain. remember thinking it was weird, almost as if they'd half implemented for this to be possible but abandoned it, presumably because it wouldn't work with arbitrary waveforms

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