How do the loudness attributes work in collection.nml

I would like to write out the loudness tags myself but the values I'm getting with a ReplayGain v2 compatible tool are different from those in my collection. So I'd like to know what exactly `ANALYZED_DB`, `PEAK_DB` and `PERCEIVED_DB` represent.

This is the question I asked support but I got a "I'm afraid we do not have access and cannot share that kind of information." so I'm asking over here.

In general I'd really like to get some more info about the workings of the nml database, I'm currently writing some scripts to automate some stuff but having to reverse engineer the nml file is really cumbersome/ unfeasible for me.


  • rmn
    rmn Member Posts: 40 Helper

    If NI is not willing to disclose crucial information then pull the functionality out of Traktor. Transmit track info to a server through QML, query your own database with loudness info, push gain settings back to Traktor.

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