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Traktor Pro 3 (current version: 3.6.2)

I'm testing beta 3.7.0.

How can I load version 3.6.2 now? I am not offered an update.


  • rmn
    rmn Member Posts: 40 Tri

    Good question. I would like to participate in beta testing but only if I can run it in a sandbox.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 616 Saw

    Never done it, but is there not a folder called backup somewhere where you can start the old .exe? I read it some time back.

  • rmn
    rmn Member Posts: 40 Tri

    How is the beta installation process? Is it formalized through Native Access? Do we have some control over target directories etc?

  • Agostinodj
    Agostinodj Member Posts: 6 Sine
    I'm testing the 3.7 on ventura sometimes the audio stops after a short time other times after 5 hours of work does anyone have any other news?

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