Is there a possibility to downgrade the Maschine software to 2.15.2?

Julian12081998 Member Posts: 17 Member

Hey guys, yesterday I updated Maschine to 2.16.0 and now Maschine is crashing while opening projects and also cannot reload all the sounds that I programmed. Is there any possibility to downgrade back to version 2.15.2?


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  • Patrick Cronin
    Patrick Cronin Member Posts: 1 Member

    Following. I have a similar problem. Since upgrading to Maschine Software 2.16, any projects that I've edited in the latest version of software won't open on Maschine + in standalone mode.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,965 mod
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    @Patrick Cronin Yes, for now Maschine Plus was not updated yet to ensure compatibility with Maschine 2.16, this should arrive next week.

    In the meantime here is the installer:

    MASCHINE 2.15.2 for MAC

    MASCHINE 2.15.2 for PC

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