Why is Maschine controller shutting down when running Maschine as a VST

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I have an original Maschine Mk1 controller that works fine when I use it in standalone mode, however, lately if I run it as a VST in Ableton or Bitwig the controller turns off after a few minutes. The software will still run as a VST. I am on Windows 10.


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    When using Maschine as a VST in a DAW like Ableton, the transport controls on the Maschine controller become inactive. This is due to the fact that the Maschine controller is only sending information to the Maschine VST and not to the application that is hosting it. To remedy this problem, Native Instruments implemented the host transport controls feature. By using this feature, the Maschine controller will send MIDI to your DAW when you use the transport controls while all of the other buttons and knobs will continue to affect the Maschine VST.

    First you have to use Controller editor and its templates for Maschine. Close the Controller editor.

    Then click SHIFT + CONTROL on Maschine Mk1 controller and it will open in MIDI mode. Choose the appropriate template (for example, Ableton) and finally open your VST DAW. However in this way you are controlling Ableton, NOT your Machine VST. You can control your MASCHINE plug-in when the controller is in MASCHINE mode. (to do this click SHIFT + CONTROL again).

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    Thanks. I wasn’t trying to use it as a controller. But a VST instrument. I got it figured out though. For some reason the hardware services stopped running in the background and I got it sorted out.

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