I want to recreate my monologue in reaktor.

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the title says it all.

I want to recreate my korg monologue inside of reaktor.

I dont need the sequencer part. Im just looking at the sound engine.

Specífically the streamlined envelope which gives me a lot of possibilites with just 2 knobs and one 3way switch.

The few things that i would change is i would not aim for perfect filter recreation and would just prefer someting like an svf or a k35 model. maybe even both with a switch that selects between them.

I thought of asking before embarking in this quest in case someone had done this already or if there was something similar i can just use and adapt to my taste.

So any advice would be greatly welcome.

I reviewed the library but given that there are hundreds of mono synths already i thought of asking here in case anyone has a specific suggestion.


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