Traktor 3 Pro License and loading issue

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a Traktor S3 which according to the Native Instruments website should come with a Tractor Pro 3 license.

I installed Native Access on an old MacBook Pro and accidentally downloaded Traktor DJ 2. Now I have two Serial Numbers aligned to my NI account:

1) Traktor S3 (hardware)

2) Traktor DJ 2 (software)

I’ve deleted Traktor DJ 2 from my MacBook as it doesn’t work properly.

However it has left me in a no man’s land as even though I can see Traktor Pro 3 in my NA Available apps list it will not download or install, possibly because I’m on an old macOS (Catalina) and can’t change the Private Relay settings.

So, questions:

1) Should Traktor Pro 3 come with an S3?

2) Have I accidentally used my Pro 3 license download on Traktor DJ 2?

3) Is there any way of talking to anyone from Native Instruments to fix license issues?





  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 1,554 Expert

    1.) Yes

    2.) No, you said it yourself, it's in the Available Apps list.

    3.) If it would be a license issue, it would not be in the available apps list.

    I don't think installing DJ2 has anything to do with it.

    You can see the install button in NA? What happens when you click it?

  • trekkin
    trekkin Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    Thanks for confirming on 1 and 2. Re 3, if Install is enabled I click on it, the button changes to Queued and greys out, and then nothing happens - it’s doesn’t download or install.

    is there an easy way to completely uninstall NA on Mac and start again? When in sent to Trash and reinstalled it seemed to remember installs and serials.

    Appreciate your help - thank you

  • trekkin
    trekkin Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    So closing the loop on this one - ended up wiping the Mac and in that process using the option to install the latest available macOS to the device (Monterey). That went smoothly and took about an hour. After that it was an easy install of Native Access. Log into account, Traktor Pro 3 available and quickly downloaded/installed.

    In other words it was probably junky config of an old OS that wouldn’t upgrade that was the culprit…

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