trouble with browser with Ventura 13.0

Seb_B Member Posts: 8 Member

After upgrade my Mac, to Ventura, Traktor can't find my external memory stick in the browser all permissions in the setting preferences are ok... somebody can fix it or tell me how I can?


  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,023 Expert

    Rekordbox has the same issue.

    I assume Apple changed something.

    Either roll back to previous Mac, or wait for Traktor to release a new version.

  • Seb_B
    Seb_B Member Posts: 8 Member

    be carreful !!!!!!!

    do not upload ure scratch pro 2 to 3 the problem is the same after upgrade mine after native instrument' support tell me to do it

  • Seb_B
    Seb_B Member Posts: 8 Member

    Now you can upgrade your os to 13.1 Ventura work with TRAKTOR 3.7.1 🤘👍️

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