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Excusez-moi ne trouvent plus mont post d’il y’a peut de temps je me permets de relancée ma demande

Comment faire pour configuration traktor sur 2 pc je ne parviens pas a arrivé sur mont pc bureau fixe j’y suis arrivé mais là où ça bug sur mon ordi portable ça dit la clé es déjà enregistré sur mont autre pc Windows 11

Good evening,

Excuse me can't find my post from a while ago, I allow myself to relaunch my request

How to configure traktor on 2 pc I can't get to my fixed desktop pc I got there but where it bugs on my laptop it says the key is already registered on my other Windows 11 pc

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    please use a translator next time, the forum is english only. You don't need and can't register a serial twice. You just install native access on the new computer, log in and then you can download and use your products.

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    Bonjour ne ne parvient pas a faire modification de mail a Native access comment dois je mis prendre s'il vous plait merci par avance

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    Answer ✓

    Contact native instruments directly here, only they can maybe help you if you have no access to the old mail address use google translate if you want to post here in the form, it's part of the code of conduct. It is also important for others with the same problem to find the solution here - in english, otherwise you can be banned!

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