Kontakt 7 issues with MIDI CC for Modulation

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I created an LFO oscillator to modulate pitch. Now I want to use a Midi CC message (or monophonic aftertouch) to modulate the intensity of the LFO. I've added a mod and I have tried both Midi CC (with any number of CC numbers) and monophonic aftertouch and it doesn't work. It does work, i.e. I don't see the line in the shaper that indicates that there is input. If I use say velocity or key position I do see it.

I have verified that I the midi I am sending is actually sending by using the midi monitoring script. Both my Midi CC and Channel Pressure are coming in.

What gives? Could it be the instrument itself that is somehow preventing me from doing this?

I'm trying to add a vibrato that gets louder with aftertouch.



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    Not clear what you're trying to do. LFO is an oscillation, not a sound - you can't make it "louder". The intensity slider adjusts how much it affects the pitch. If you want it to be louder, turn up the volume.

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    This works just fine over here:

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