No GR5 beyond Big Sur - Any Quicker Solution Than Mine?

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So I was well on my way to confirming that all the plugins I use on my Mac Mini would be ready to go on Monterey, and i would finally have some free time to upgrade from Big Sur. So I was frustrated to find out that Guitar Rig 5 was not going to be updated to run on any MacOS newer than Big Sur? I can’t be the only one that this leaves in a difficult position. . having hundreds of (Logic) files using GR5, any one of which I may need/want to revisit in the future. 

The only solution I can see is to maintain an old machine with an older system installed ( I have an ancient Mac Pro running Snow Leopard). If I try and open a song on my main machine which has GR5 instances, Logic will inform me that Gr5 doesn’t exist (unless I omitted to remove it from the Components folder, in which case there will be a hard and immediate crash). I will then have to port the song file to the old machine, open it there in Logic, and manually save all the GR5 settings there. Send those settings to the new machine, then open a GR6 on each of the relevant tracks and open their settings in that, since luckily GR6 can read GR5 settings.

The only reason I’m writing this is to ask if there is a slicker/faster way that anyone knows to do this, or indeed if anyone has any inside info that N.I. maybe working on something, anything?



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