How to Import Apple Music Library into TRAKTOR Track Collection?

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I recently bought a new iMac running Monterey 12.6. I had to convert itunes into Apple Music (and convert to Apple Music libraries) because iTunes is no longer supported on this new machine.

I used to import itunes playlists into Traktor. I want to do this on the new machine with Apple Music. But there is nothing in the finder to click on for Apple Music. Only itunes. And when I click on that, Traktor states "could not find itunes library". (thats not what I'm looking for anyway). How do I get Traktor to access the Apple Music folder? When i try to link them in File Management in Preferences, I am not able to choose that folder. Its greyed out.

To be clear, these songs were not purchased on apple Music or iTunes. And I do not want to have to use some type of file convertor for this.


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    Click on MUSIC, then wait until your library is loading. When loaded, control-click on your playlist or whole music and import to Traktor.

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    Thanks c0nsul. But I don't see Apple Music in Traktor's browser section (where you highlighted). How do I get Traktor to "see" Apple Music? (iTunes is visible though for some reason)

    Also, I want to import individual Apple Music playlists into my TrackCollection

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    Similarly stumped. Have you found any methods that work in the time since your question was posted?

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    No. I gave up! Sorry I can't help you.

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