How do you drag and "drop midi to host" from sampler to mapping editor chromatically?

StarSMASH Member Posts: 16 Newcomer
edited October 2022 in Scripting Workshop

I want drag and drop from the sampler and make the midi span ONE note only. every time i slice and then drag and drop it to the mapping editor, one sample takes up 2 notes which messes up my workflow. How do i make it so that every time i drag and drop, each sample only takes up one note and the next sliced sample is mapped on the NEXT note?

edit- apparently, if i click on "drag midi to host" it automatically does it how i want it, but it automatically maps all of that midi directly to the right of the previously mapped sampler instrument. Is there a way i can choose to map the midi in a different spot on the keyboard while still keeping the one midi per note in a chromatic fashion?

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