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Automatic Stems separation vs Manual

Ninesense Member Posts: 51 Helper
edited November 2022 in Traktor Software & Hardware

It’s great that there will be a way to get a track separated in stems automatically using izotope’s technology. Looking forward to checking that out.

Other competition software hasn’t quite worked for me since is mostly made for music with vocals and separating the vocals seems to be the main focus. For me that doesn’t mean much as my tracks don’t have vocals. Other options from the competition sound ok.. but still not even close to being as clean to regular stems where I can have a Kick n Bass stem, a Drums stem, a Leads stem and an Atmos stem.

It would be great to still maintain the option to do it manually with the stem creator tool. To be able to have perfectly clean stems.

A stem creator tool that:

Worked on Macs with Monterey os and beyond (I have to use a windows virtual machine so make stems currently)

That could export lossless stem files without having to create Alac files first.

Hopefully the NI team keeps this in consideration.


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