Is trying to scam/persuade us into stuff?

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Hi gang,

Sorry, but I am going here... because this place is where I discovered Output, I even got their suite but while I do appreciate the Kontakt instruments I got I am starting to think less and less favorible of the company behind said instruments, and their ethics. Or lack thereof.

Just so we understand each other:

These phonies and wannabee's.

So I do a search on Bing for "soundiron". Guess what I get? =>

What. the. hell.?!!!

It's even a frickin' ad for crying out loud!!!

Oh, you have seen nothing yet!

Are these guys having mental issues or something? Can we please address the blatant disrespect here?

WHY is NI and/or SoundWide even into all this disrespectful ******? * Allowing these usurpers to sell their garbage through NI's website? **

Yah, I said it: I favored their instruments until I saw this blatant disrespectful crapola, now are my public enemy #1 ("sorta"), and just so you know: I am being very respectful here, my Reddit account otoh, lol!

Oh, that's going to be something else soonish with my 504 true followers ;)

* I am well aware that NI / SoundWide are in no way responsible for any of this; from your POV this is just a client. I apologize for the dramatic way in which I raised this, but I DO stand behind my question at hand... this is WAY disrespectful towards another of your clients / co-developers. I mean... SoundIron are "only" the force behind the legendary Symphony series.

** See above.. I fully understand the vendor/market/seller aspect. But come on here... They're attacking another NKS vendor directly (see screenshots). This can't be right?!!

I sincerely apologize for what I am about to do now...

@Matt_NI / @Jeremy_NI

Surely this can't be right you guys?

Trust me: I don't expect results (to be honest I don't expect anything at all, I just hope you'll allow my post to remain; I know about corporate "ethics"). But I do hope you can forgive me for addressing this IMVHO blatant disrespect for the audio industry.

Seriously: screw those Output guys!


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    You seem to be upset at people advertising like nearly everyone does in all industries!

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    @ShelLuser This is actually a standard tactic in search adveritsing, but to be fair to you, Output is tageting the some strange keywords.

    Companies used to target terms like "DAW" or "Synth", but it's not as effective. So now they target popular products to pull in users who might not have heard of them.

    Here's two interesting facts.

    1) NI has, and does target competitor products in search advertising.

    2) This is targetable per country - I'm not sure where you'r based, but it looks like Output is spending more per keyword than NI is in this instance.

    So while you might not like the ethics behind it, I agree with @Tony Jones - it's not ethics, just business.

    To give you a little insight:

    Organic seach: July-Sept

    Native Instruments - 53%

    Output - 40%


    NI's current keywords are around Kontakt, Komplete, upgrade etc - understandable given Komplete 14's launch.

    Output's paid search terms are led by FL studio and Ableton

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    Who uses Bing anyway?

  • Paule
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    In my home meet one duck the others: Duck Duck Go

  • Matt_NI
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    As strange as this may appears, this is pretty standard practices on search engines (across all industries).

    With that said, we need to keep the language a bit more reasonable here @ShelLuser

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    Why the rant? It clearly says "Ad", and as stated already it's a pretty common advertising tactic.

    They're just trying to get you to visit their website, they're not scamming, only advertising. If you're not interested just don't click on the link.

  • ShelLuser
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    Why the rant?

    To get it out of my system.

    Advertising is one thing, directly using names (hopefully trademarks) from other companies just to point attention to your own... that's advertising on a whole new (down) level from my POV: that's usurping other company successes.

  • JesterMgee
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    Well, use Bing in the Edge browser without any form of ad/cookie blocking and this kind of rant makes perfect sense.

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