M32 and Mackie MCU PRO in Logic Pro

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I use a KOMPLETE CONTROL M32 together with a Mackie MCU PRO in Logic Pro 10.7.4 (Big Sur 11.7). The firmware of the M32 is 0.4.5.

If, in addition to the MCU PRO, the M32 is also registered as a control surface in Logic, there is a strange effect when switching between the tracks on the MCU. If I switch from one track to another on the MCU, the first audio FX plugin of the selected track is always started automatically in Logic (window opens). If I delete the M32 as a control surface in Logic, this effect does not exist when switching btw. tracks on the MCU. If I let Logic automatically recognize the M32 again, the effect is there again. Switching between tracks on the MCU is annoying because a plugin window is always opened that needs to be closed again.

This seems to be a KOMPLETE KONTROL issue used in combination with MCU compatible devices. The same applies when I use the M32 together with a Softube Console 1 (this can also be operated as an MCU compatible control surface with the latest software version). I use either the Mackie MCU PRO or the Softube Console 1 as control surface. Never both together.

If the M32 is not defined as a control surface but is only used as a keyboard, there are of course no such problems with the plugin and everything works as expected.


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