Weird focus issue in Cubase Pro with NI plugins

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When I open a NI plugin like Raum or Bite and click somewhere inside the plugin window (so it gets focused), Cubase keyboard commands stop working. As soon as I focus elsewhere, everything goes back to normal again. It seems like the plugins don't let keyboard strokes pass through to Cubase as other plugins do.

I use Komplete 13, am on Windows 11, have the latest updates and patches, and have experienced the same behavior in both Cubase 11 Pro and 12 Pro.

Am I overlooking some setting, or is this a bug?

If this is fixed in Komplete 14, I'll upgrade right away... 😀🤙


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  • Paule
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    This is a question to the support at NI not to the users

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @fredrik It's a bug indeed, I could reproduce the issue with Ableton, it affects VST2 and VST3 alike. I've reached out to our FX team for more information on the topic. It's coming from the last update of these plug-ins, it's independent from with what bundle you get them.

  • fredrik
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    I suppose that's good news! Will you patch only newer versions, or Komplete 13 as well?

    And will it be added to the release log when it's fixed?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @fredrik It should be fixed in an update. Again, it's the plug-ins that get updated. So for these effect plug-ins, if you own a Komplete bundle with these products you get the updates, whether you had them with Komplete 14 or 13 or any previous version that had these plugins.

  • fredrik
    fredrik Member Posts: 5 Member

    Sounds great, awesome! Glad you got it sorted!

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