M32 + S61 mk2 breaks DAW integration?

Oscar Morante
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Hi everybody,

So, as many others I bought the m32 expecting it would play nice with my other NI controllers :( I've been searching the forums and it seems this has never worked properly?

I don't mind if I can only use one of them in plugin mode at the same time, but I'm having all sort of issues where I have to disconnect the keyboards, connect them in a specific order and still sometimes one or both of them will stop working with the DAW (Logic/Cubase/Ableton).

Has anybody managed to get this to work as intended? I'm thinking of sending it back and getting something else that is less finicky. Any help is much appreciated!



  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,470 Expert

    Yeah you would think that NI would have made these work together, sadly it's more trouble than worth and if I were you and it is possible i'd return the M series if you have no use for it mobile.

  • Oscar Morante
    Oscar Morante Member Posts: 23 Member

    Thanks! Yeah the idea was to use it for mobile as well but the main reason was to have something small on the desk to improve ergonomics and still have a similar interface to the s-series.

    But as you said it's more trouble than it's worth :( I'll return it and get something from Arturia, I hope they sort this out at some point.

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