Stop jog wheels from turning

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Way back in the days when I used Traktor DJ, the jog wheels used to stand still when the track was playing. Now they are turning when the track is playing. Is there a way to keep them still even when the track is playing? I use the jog wheels to make the track play faster or slower temporarily when beatmatching.


  • lord-carlos
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    I assume you have a S4 mk3?

    If yes, press either the TT or Job button bottom left to the jog wheel.

    This is also in the manual.

  • meh
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I have a Behringer bcd3000 but at the moment I am using my mouse to control the Traktor app on my Mac.

    I haven't connected my Behringer yet. Do you thing the jog wheels on the Behringer will turn as well?

    My guess is (English is not my native language so I am not sure I understand you correctly) you are referring to the button marked with an "X" in below picture when mentioning the Job button?

    I am aware of these buttons but still prefer the jog wheel if possible, hence my question if it's possible to stop these jog wheels from spinning.

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    Oh, you are talking about Traktor DJ software. I though you where talking about hardware.

    No idea, never used that software.

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