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Hey Folks, I wan't able to find a thread in the the Reaktor area for Toybox Blocks packs so I'm starting this one (I'm also trying to avoid crossposting from other areas).

You can post questions and issues related to the Toybox packs here :)


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    BTW for people using Discord, there's a Reaktor blocks discord server here, for general discussions about Reaktor blocks:

    and the main Reaktor discord is here, which also has a section for Blocks discussions:

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    Also checkout all the latest videos and tutorials here:

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    Thanks David for setting this up. I'm new to your blocks so bound to have some idiot questions. Hopefully there will be others out there willing to share.

    Thought I'd mention, I've worked with other modular software app (all shall remain nameless:) and felt a bit underwhelmed. What got me into Toybox stuff is simple, it sounds good. Now I need to figure out how to get what I want from it, so all help appreciated. Present mission is sequencers.....Cheers all laters

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    Great! :) Yeah ask me any questions and I'll do my best to answer :)

    We have just added 2 brand new blocks to the free Toybox User Blocks pack: The Flexi Oscillator is a versatile high-quality analog-modelled oscillator with multiple FM and waveform warping modes. The OTA Filter is based on a Roland design with an improved juicy analog sound. The block can morph between Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass filter shapes (A demo rack is included in the pack):

    Download the User Blocks pack for free here -->

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