Can I use Kontrol Z1 with active studio monitors?

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I've had my Z1 for a while now but now I have upgraded my speakers to a pair of active KRK studio monitor, good for production and mixing.

The thing is that I don't know how to make them work together.

Each monitor has a balanced input and the Z1 has the unbalanced RCA output.

I used to connect this RCA output to a normal 6.35 jack input but now this is a new challenge.

Any ideas or advice on how to make all of these work together? What is the best way to use these NI controllers with this kind of monitors?

One more thing: for production I use an Akai mini with an Scarlett solo sound card but if I connect the Z1 output to this soundcard I can't use the controller because is one sound card or the other.



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    How about this type of cable?

    Here is how wiring looks like.

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    Not sure, if all KRK monitors have combo connector, they may have only XLR... Also, the cable you linked is not ballanced. It may be OK, or may not, depending on monitors....

    I use XLR-XLR cable, reduction XLR-RCA, and RCA-RCA cable. Or RCA-jack, DI-BOX and XLR-XLR cable.

    But in case of OP, the best would be to buy something like Mackie Big Knob, connect Z1 and Scarlett to inputs of Big Knob and its output to monitors.

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    I have the exact same question as the original poster, I have a pair of KRK Rokit 6 G3. However I only want to use one KRK monitor with the Z1, as original poster already stated the obvious cable that comes to mind is phono to 6.3 jack however I’m getting buzzing plugging into the TRS jack input on the monitor.

  • Kubrak
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    No, you cannot use this cable.... It would be usable, if KRK would expect stereo signal. But it expects ballanced (or maybe unballanced) mono signal.

    You need two cinch connectors on one side and two TR or TRS ones on other end. For stereo.

    If using just one monitor - one cinch and one TR/TRS plug. And set in Traktor output as mono.

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    You probably need a standard RCA to mono jack cable, not to TRS. Plugging a mono cable into a balanced jack connector will work ok as it grounds the cold side of the balanced connection.

    -- Mike

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