when I use Traktor 3 with the console Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 I have some issues! need help!

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ok. I am a former pioneer user who purchased their latest budget four track console, then right after the warranty expires a tac button "went bad". I also am a former Traktor user way back when, Traktor Pro 2 LE Behringer BCD-3000. Equipment started getting expensive bla bla bla. so, I retire the "other console" and decide to spend the extra money and upgrade to using Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 which included the latest Version of Traktor Pro. now here is where I am looking for some support other than Native-Instruments Support Team. I enjoy streaming using OBS and at first had it working. Then I purchased a Dynamic Mic to use with the console.

I expect for the mic to work with out issues since I "paid extra to upgrade" and there it is. Read the manual back and forth and no feasible I mean nothing explaining why the mic does not work as it should "plug and play". while looking for a driver to work with the C and D by default, I started reading about ASIO and WDM drivers. ASIO this ASIO that ASIO Link Pro & ASIO4ALL and wow. Installed both ASIO programs …oh I have Windows 11 fully updated and nothing. I was able to get the mics C and D but the config was somewhat backwards. I then rid my box of all drivers non Native and am left with Native Asio and Wasapi Drivers with nothing for S4 MK3 but only Asio Drivers for the MK2 with the console off. Now with Traktor Open I power up the MK3 and WASAPI drivers appear for the S4MK3. I take it these Drivers are built by Engineers @ Native right? I was happy thinking to myself oh well here the mics should work, right? well no. the C and D Mics which are 5 and 6 for C, 7 and 8 for D are disabled by default.


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