Experience with AMD 7700x is great

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Some feedback for the Windows Standalone user, use Maschine since version 1.8.

It may help people which prefer a Desktop over Laptop and struggle with an hardware upgrade.Previious hardware was listed as we well.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1271 V3 , 4 Cores, was my starting point. With a 4 core and HT you can already use Maschine quite good, but come in limits when loading CPU heave plugins.
  • Intel 8086k 6 Core OC with 5Ghz, this was giving me the double of performance copared to the old CPU. A move to fast 6 core system from an older 4 core gives you. In this example it was the double of the load it can handle.
  • AMD 7700X 8 cores, bigger CPU cache and fast memory on sweet sport with 6000 mhz. And I can run again the double of load if I compore it to my previous CPU. Moved as well to 32 BG RAM, but this is not differ.

There was no measurement, but high level compare, I loaded projects run into CPU limits before and compared the Maschine CPU meters.

Whilst I know I can bring that CPU to the limit, I think a 12 core CPU with more cache on this mainboard in 3-4 years is the better choise, this is why I moved now and not waiting

The system is running stable with an Asrock PG Lighnings x670, and most impotrant my RME HSDP 9632 PCI card is still working fine with the PCIe adapter on the new moterboad as it has still PCI4 slow with can run in x1 speed.


  • D-One
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    Thanks for sharing.

    Roughly 2x the performance from an 8086k (basically an 8700k) to a 7700X?? Wow, that's crazy

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    AMDs are good. Very good. I have APU 5700G (8C/16T 4+ MHz) which is for sure at least 20% slower than 7700X, but it is packed in tiny box and is super silent. I am very satisfied.

  • ze303
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    It is a bit less as the double but between 80-90% depending on what settings you run such as Eco mode or AutoOverclocking with Curve Optimization, for music production I choose the later which just performing better the Eco saves 25 power consumption on Gaming.

    I would not recommend to run an AMD 7000x unthreated, either use ECO mode or work with AutoOC with Negative Curve Optimization it stays cooler and gives more speed.

    Regaless of the numbers over the thumb, there is enough headroom it adds to use more CPU intense plugins or reduce the sample rate in a project and it was time to invest in some PC hardware this year.. ;)

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