upgrade from Komplete 11 upgrade to 13 Ultimate or 14 Standard

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Hi All,

I received an offer from NI to upgrade from 11Upgrade to 14 Standard for $299.

I have also seen that I could upgrade from 11 to 13 Ultimate for $440.

what is the general opinion on the 2 options?



  • Uwe303
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    that depends on your needs, if you need lots of kontakt instruments and all the expansions go for ultimate. But if you don't need it all go for 14 standard and get all the good stuff from plugin alliance, brainworks and ozone 10 standard. I would definitely take 14 standard if i had to choose from those both. But like i said, it's up to your needs, maybe you don't need ozone 10 standard and all the goodies but need the libraries from 13 ultimate.

  • Originalfunster
    Originalfunster Member Posts: 2 Member

    Hi Uwe,

    Thanks for the reply, I hadn't seen the stuff from plugin alliance... Just had a listen to the demo and its pretty cool..

    I wasn't looking to upgrade at all, when I went into Native access to update software, it flashed up to tell me I could upgrade, and I was suckered in... not actually sure that I need to upgrade, but suppose it would be nice, having had you point out Ozone and Plugin alliance I will probably take the plunge to 14..


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