Maschine and Softube Modular Crashes for over a year now

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Is this only happening at my configuration: Using i5 iMac 2020 or M1 Macbook Air Softube Modular immediatelly crashes. Someone using Softube Modular with Maschine w/o crashes?

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @MgP2804 Is Softube Modular working in standalone, does it crash there? Are you using it as a VST or a AU in Maschine ? Do both crash ? Can you load it in another program / DAW ?

    I was looking for some information on Softube's website but it seems to be down. Is it compatible with M1 computers ? Natively or just Rosetta ?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @MgP2804 kindly updated us about the issue, thanks again for taking the time.

    Today Softube did release a patch. And now it works fine with Modular and Maschine.

    And here the update from Softube from today:

  • jggorman
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    2.5.61 also seems to work.

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