Straylight Suddenly Using Way More CPU Than Before?

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I got Straylight at the beginning of the year, and it ran beautifully in Logic Pro, even in large projects with 80+ tracks.

Now, something has changed in the last few months, and I'm not sure what it was. Every time I load Straylight, playing more than 2 or 3 notes immediately creates a CPU overload, making the instrument virtually unusable. This is pretty disappointing because I really enjoy this synth and would like to use it in more productions of mine.

I use a 2019 iMac with MacOS Monterey (although the problem existed on Big Sur already)

6-core i7 processor


Another weird occurrence that may or may not be related: the background colors on my Komplete Kontrol keyboard on the right screen when an instrument is loaded default to black on several instruments when it should be a different color. Reinstalling fixes temporarily but then they revert to black after a while.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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    Apologies for the late reply! So weirdly enough the problem has resolved itself. I'm not sure how or why. I was working in a session, experiencing the UI glitch and poor CPU usage of Straylight, and after closing and reopening Logic everything is back where it's supposed to be, and Straylight is back to using a normal amount of CPU now.

    Will report back if the problem occurs again, but for now it's fixed! I can't recall doing anything specific to trigger the fix.


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