Plugin Alliance - Are these mostly for electronic/synthy music?

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I like making (and listening to) music that sounds like real (acoustic) instruments. So I like things like the Abbey Roads kits, Session Horns, West Africa, etc. I'm not into "synthy" sounds (unless I'm trying to make something sound like retro 80s post-punk), and don't use many effects other than reverb or Guitar Rig.

I recently upgraded to Komplete 14 Ultimate and see the option to install a bundle of "stuff" from Plugin Alliance. When I look through the Plugin Alliance site, I see a bunch of effects and a few synths. It all looks very "electronic" to me, so my instinct is to ignore it.

However, I'm wondering if there are some Plugin Alliance products which can help make "real" sounding music... in a way that we can't already do with Komplete 14 Ultimate.

Is Plugin Alliance safe to ignore (for now), or is there something there that can help me in my quest to sound like a "real" band? :)




  • Tripecac
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    Did I post this question in the wrong place? If so, where is a better place for me to post it?

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    then the channel strip and master compressor is right for you and some other FX from that bundle. Only the synths of course are then nothing you will use. And ozone 10 standard is also worth trying for mastering your own songs.

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    You're at the right place šŸ˜‰

    And as @Uwe303 said, yes there is things you might find useful in PA products, particularly the audio processing plugins. They will give more life and depth to your mix.

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