Flexible Envelope and constant modulator confusion

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I assigned a constant modulator to a time parameter of the flexible envelope (inverted). I am aware of the fact that the constant modulator slider is not linear.

The flex eg section I am reducing is 1000ms long. When I then turn the modulator knob itself (inside Kontakt, not even via script or anything), the timing results are off horribly. The slider says 80%. I understand this as: You reduced 1000ms by 80%. But the resulting envelope part is maybe 10-20ms short.

What am I missing here?


  • EvilDragon
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    Yeah don't trust the % numbers here. It seems the mapping here is entirely linear but at the engine parameter level. So, if you set the constant modulator amount ($ENGINE_PAR_MOD_TARGET_INTENSITY) to 500000, that is going to be half of duration of the segment.

  • darb1
    darb1 Member Posts: 22 Member

    Thanks for the reply. But I have to say sadly it doesnt seem to be linear. Having a segment length at 1000ms, 500000 turns it into something around 430ms (roughly).

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