Playbox: Option to play in a standar way, without "Chord mode" / On key mode

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Hi There,

I like very much this plugin, and it's randomization options, but I can't find a way to play it without the Chords mode, there's a mono and poly but there are all based in "chord modes" (I mean "One key playing").

I would found interesting to have an option to play it note per note, in a standard way like a piano, and use its randomization features just for sounds and effects.

It would be also useful to record your keyboard playing in the DAW, without having to send your chords with "drag and drop" to the DAW, were are some bugs with tempo.

Kind Regards,



  • Truth42
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    Agreed. I've been saying this from the launch date.

    Until there is an update addressing these inadequacies the product if pretty much a toy for me.

  • trusampler
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    Great request, this would be pretty amazing if so.

  • Nico_NI
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    Hopefully @Nadine Raihani and her team have it on their feature list 🙏

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