Recommendation for more "crispier" breakbeats

XinvolkerX Member Posts: 8 Member

OK, so the term "crispier"... I currently have the Empire Breaks Kontakt library, which for its purpose (lo-fi (non-crispy) style Boom Bap old school breaks) is perfect.

But is there a library out there that has a lot of flexible control (mainly customizing the patterns to your liking ie: muting out instrument parts etc. like Empire Breaks does) of which has a more *modern* clean and "crispy" sound to it? Or even not as flexible but still the modern sound like I mentioned.

Looking forward to hopefully even a couple answers. =)



  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,865 Pro

    You can just use some effects like saturation and reverb to make it more modern.

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